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Top 5 Tools for Becoming a Social Media Ninja

These days social media is crucial for your brand to succeed, and Millennials aren't the only ones getting the hang of it. With so many helpful tools out there you can become a social media ninja too! The new year is right around the corner and familiarizing yourself...

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What’s so great about Albuquerque?

If you travel the U.S. for work or pleasure, you’ll hear people brag about where they live. Californians, New Yorkers, and folks from Austin, Texas are particularly vocal about why their towns are the best towns, whether it be due to nightlife, worldliness,...

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Person-to-Person Electronic Payment- Worth the Risk?

It’s hard to believe, but before technology drove every movement in our lives, we had to go places to get stuff done and hand write checks to make a purchase. If you wanted to send money to a friend or family member in a different state, you had to use Western Union...

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‘Get to Know Your Customer Day’ Online

  Many may not be too familiar with “Get to Know Your Customer Day,” which is celebrated the third Thursday of every quarter, but these special days offer an opportunity for businesses to be reminded that it is important to know your customers. This is an...

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Grocery Shopping in 2017, There’s an App For That

Grocery shopping, a cumbersome chore some do on a weekly or biweekly basis. It guides many family diets, budgets, and weekend schedules. Since the invention of the Internet in 1994, e-commerce has taken businesses to a whole new level; revolutionizing the shopping...

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The Nike Pro Hijab and the Push for Inclusivity

Earlier last month, Nike announced the company will soon be releasing the Nike Pro Hijab. The Hijab will come with breathable fabric, length to ensure it stays in place during active movement, the Nike swoosh resting near the ear and inclusivity. Why It’s Important...

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What others say about Tammy

Great support and communication is essential for long-term relationships with clients. Tammy is committed to her clients' success! It's been a pleasure to work with and learn from her. Truly a memorable experience.
Arista Jackson
Fitness Entrepreneur | Professional Coach/Trainer | Figure Competitor | Motivational Speaker | Life Transformer / Creator of Center Stage Championships™
Two thoughts come to mind when I think of Tammy. She is incredibly smart and creative and her marketing expertise appears almost effortless. She brings an enthusiasm and passion to her career and creates evangelistic customers on every project she undertakes.
Adam Karwoski
Director, Business Development and Digital Sales / Vodafone Global Enterprise
Tammy is a go-getter when it comes to her writing. She writes about topics the target audience is eager to learn about, which give not only detailed insight, but decisive objectives on how people should handle and manage social media for brand management as well as personally. She is an asset to any content team.
Pam Sahota
Digital Marketing Manager / Rémy Cointreau USA
Tammy is one of the more positive people I know. She has strong social media skills and always conducts herself in the most professional matter. I definitely believe she would be an asset to a company seeking a motivated, passionate and hard-working person.
Jim Trotter
NFL Reporter / ESPN
It was an absolute pleasure working with Tammy! You can present any product or service to her and she will tell you the best way to market it. Her modern marketing tactics through SMM (Social Media Marketing), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and other avenues are second to none. I greatly appreciate her consulting and highly recommend her skills for anyone.
Matthew Sullivan
Partner/Solutions Architect / Yelling Mule

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