There are only two things we can say with certainty about COVID-19, aka the Coronavirus:

  • No one really knows what’s going to happen
  • Things are going to change

While we see no reason in our personal lives to make sweeping changes to our daily routines yet, we understand that this is a very serious virus and its existence is having a global impact. To that end, we wanted to assure our clients and community partners that we are here to support you in this uncertain time. 

A few notes about what LTDM is doing to ensure business continuity:

We’re already working from home.

Our staff is completely remote, so no change was necessary here. Plus, we use conference calling for most of our client meetings, so should the need arise to stay out of personal contact, we can still keep working for you. Luckily, we didn’t have any company travel booked for at least a few months, and we’ll assess the need to travel as it arises. 

We’re being flexible.

We’re looking at issues one-by-one as they’re affected by the news, from our personal travel plans to pushing back client proposals. Our current plans include continuing our daily lives, but we’re checking in with local health departments to find guidance for what we should do as time progresses. We already have plans in place for rearranging work schedules when someone is sick, and we don’t foresee any of our contracts or business deliverables being interrupted due to issues on our side. But we’re washing our hands and wiping down surfaces, too. 

We’re here to provide support for our clients across the U.S. as they need it.

We feel extremely lucky to be in a place where we’re not worried about our health or that of our loved ones, and are prepared to help folks who are less lucky. We urge our fellow business leaders to come up with plans now for what will happen if this virus comes to New Mexico, such as how to allow your workers to work remotely and cancel travel. We’d also like to urge everyone to think of ways you can provide calm action, such as avoiding stocking up on face masks so that hospitals can have them, or by donating to the local food bank. If your firm needs help devising a business continuity plan or crisis communications, get in touch — we can help. 

If you have questions about COVID-19, we recommend you check in with the Health and Human Services Department, and remember that calm heads prevail, even in times of crisis. 

Thanks for being part of the LTDM community. To your health, happiness, and lots of hand washing.