Many may not be too familiar with “Get to Know Your Customer Day,” which is celebrated the third Thursday of every quarter, but these special days offer an opportunity for businesses to be reminded that it is important to know your customers. This is an occasion that gives businesses awareness into what consumers think of their products or services by simply engaging them.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes should take advantage of this and practice it throughout the year. Social media is one platform that businesses can utilize when trying to get to know their customers. Different sites offer reviews, comments, likes, messages, questions and more.


Here are the best ways to optimize engagement with customers online:

Encourage Reviews

Reviews are important to any business. It’s the foundation of their reputation that buyers turn to when looking to make purchases. Social sites, make it easy for followers to leave reviews or recommendations for other users. Customers leaving reviews not only helps others, but it provides the opportunity to better understand the perception behind what consumers think about your product or service. Reviews provide business owners with honest and qualitative t feedback and may ignite new ideas to engage customers. For best practices on how to get reviews, check out: How to Get More Customer Reviews.

Likes, Questions and Comments

Social media also makes it easy for consumers to ask questions, leave comments or like specific content. These options give industries an insight into consumer’s behavioral tendencies online, thus, getting to know your customers better. Users have started using social media for customer support issues. According to research from J.D. Power, 67% of consumers have used a company’s social media for customer service. Replying in a timely, courteous, manner is not only important,  but it opens the door to communicating with your customers. Other consumers will see this interaction as a positive experience from a company that truly cares about their customers.

It’s a Two-Way Street

Getting to know customers should be a two-way street. Customers often become repeat buyers if they feel they have a relationship with the business. Developing a brand around letting the user get to know the company and what they are about will help build a meaningful relationship.Digital media is the perfect platform to let customers to get to know the company on a more intimate level. Through blogs, email, video and social media content can be shared showing a look at the “behind the scenes of the businesses internal structure. Example content topics:

  •  Employee of the month
  •  Staff Birthday’s
  •  Photos of company events, holidays, milestones….etc.
  •  Blogs
  • Newsletters

If Content is King, Then Your Customer is the Queen

By now everyone has heard the phrase “Content is King” but many business owners do not understand the importance of it. Posting fresh, new and original content is important to followers and allows businesses to engage their customers.  Consider your online presence as a digital storefront. A good business owner wouldn’t let their storefront become rundown and old, so they shouldn’t let their digital presence wither away either.


The best way a business can get to know their customers is by being proactive online. Creating a monthly editorial calendar is a great way to keep your sites refreshed with new content. Utilizing this medium allows you to interact with your customers and notify them on sales, products and other important information. While managing social sites can be very time consuming, many businesses have turned to outside sources to handle their online brand. At LuckyTamm Digital Marketing we specialize in managing social sites for businesses. Email for more information and start getting to know your customers online.